Anuva’s Homes in the South

Location is the most decisive factor in acquiring real estate space: the property has to be close to important areas like work, studies, and lifestyle centers. But location also becomes truly important if it is the place closest to the home of one’s youth. People who grew up in the middle-class villages in the south of Metro Manila want to someday raise a family there, similar to the childhood they experienced.

And yet the changing economic and urban landscape has resulted in significantly changed housing options. For one, those who opt to stay in Metro Manila are offered the choice to live in condominium units that may be centrally located but do not necessarily offer the Southern-style family comfort that so many home buyers, even non-Southerners, look for in a community.

Anuva by SOC Land offers an ideal home in the south. Located on the East Service Road of the South Luzon Expressway in Barangay Buli (about one kilometer from Sucat Interchange), the development offers ample space within and outside the unit, which is what residents need so they can freely move around.

The Puyat-Reyes group’s first vertical community venture is a low-density project composed of four tandem medium-rise towers and was developed with great regard for the family. The outdoors and nature are well-incorporated in the community, with a sprawling 80 percent of the entire 2.4-hectare development generously devoted to open spaces that contain leisure and wellness features.

There is no restraining family fun here: the country’s first lazy river runs throughout the development; a theme park, playground, game room, and playing courts allow for shared recreation.

Family members hankering for some “me” time can use the jobbing paths, bike trails, the yoga deck, and the spa. There is even a tree house that will remind one of past summers engaged in active and easygoing play.

And yet, common areas are not only the places in Anuva that ensure breathing spaces for the family’s wellbeing. Residents won’t feel constricted inside their homes because the units are cut in the shape of a square, not like a narrow rectangle, to maximize lifestyle possibilities.

All unit types are spacious enough to accommodate an area for doing laundry, which is a necessity in daily life. Since the building is planned with proper solar orientation, the rooms don’t become heat traps in the middle of the day.

To learn more about Anuva, please call SOC Land at 553-4070 or 554-4080.