Zen Lifestyle at Anuva

“Zen” has been a strong buzzword in the past few years, with the resurgence of interest in physical and spiritual activities such as yoga and meditation. In real estate and home design, Zen often refers to a style that is clean, sparse and uncluttered. What is really important in interior design is the presence of space-a freedom of movement and existence that, in turn, is reflected in the state of mind of a home’s inhabitants as well.

At SOC Land’s maiden condominium community, Anuva residents can experience calm and delight every single day because the surrounding nurturing spaces make this possible. Located in Sucat Interchange, Alabang and Makati, Anuva is a low-density residential development that offers comfortably-sized living spaces, with 80 percent of its 2.4 hectares transformed into exterior open areas designed with lifestyle amenities. These community features point to the fact that condo living in the city need not be a hindrance to the well-being of the family and the individual.

Just a short walk from the residential units is an actual yoga area or garden meditation nook where condo dwellers can achieve inner stillness amid lush greenery. Yoga is an excellent way to get fit, get health and get centered, plus it provides an opportunity for residents to interact with other like-minded neighbors.

The water features spread across the entire Anuva property help celebrate nature in the condo community-including serenity and helping cool the environment as well. These are ponds a lagoon, a lake, and a man-made river meandering lazily throughout the entire neighborhood-a first in any city condo development in the country.

Zen is not just about staying still or remaining motionless. One can actually have fun living an active Zen life. One can develop a daily habit of brisk walking or light jogging for 30 minutes along the property’s foliage lined walk parks and jogging lane. Even just a few minutes of physical activity in a basketball game for example, can also be immensely enjoyable and relaxing as well if spent with loved ones or with friends.

To learn more about Anuva, please call SOC Land at 553-4070 or 554-4080, or visit log on to www.facebook/Anuva.SOCLand