Residents Go Green in Anuva

So many families opt to live in Metro Manila because it is where business offices, schools, and retail and leisure hubs are clustered. But the trade-off is that it can be quite a challenge to lead a healthy, sustainable lifestyle when staying in cramped, polluted buildings and urban districts that lack parks, trees, and nature elements.

And yet a sustainable lifestyle is possible even in today’s condo living setup. Anuva of SOC Land by the Puyat-Reyes group, known for its leading role in the construction materials industry, has now taken on the urgent task of providing for the middle-income property market a forward-thinking residential development that works with nature, not against it.

The four tandem buildings within the 2.4 hectare property in Anuva are oriented away from the harsh rays of the sun sot that the units do not become a heat trap by midday. The positioning of the towers complements Anuva’s signature square shaped units, a special attribute that creates an even wider living space. The design allows for big windows that let in natural light and ventilation, resulting in significant savings on electricity costs for the residents.

It is not very often that middle income families are presented with an exciting residential condominium option that considers their practical realities, as well as their long term wellness. The spacious and audacious 80 percent open space allocation in Anuva is beyond current industry standards, and was conceptualized to offer something rare, luxurious, and new to families that dream of owning a reasonable priced home in Metro Manila that they can be proud of. Occupants can breathe easy and soak up the surrounding nature features, such as the country’s first lazy river in a residential complex and other water attractions that invite residents to frolic outdoors while still within their private premises; and themed gardens and meditation areas which awaken a wellness consciousness and a delightful appreciation for nature among unit owners and their guests.

SOC Land also insisted on a perimeter road system, putting cars and roads at the periphery of the development. The benefits of this road concept include reduced vehicular air emissions in the community and serves as an added safety measure for the residents’ children who won’t have to cross any type of road on their way to the amenities areas.

Anuva is conveniently near vital road networks that are connected to contemporary lifestyle centers, affording families freedom of movement while also offering opportunities for energy efficiency and decreased exposure to city pollution.

When parents insist on an eco-friendly environment such as Anuva for the kids to grow up in, they are setting their loved ones on track for a greener, healthier, more physically active future.

To learn more about Anuva, please call SOC Land at 553-4070 or 554-4080